Just a short note in English to greet a wonderful foodie blog writer in the U.S., as she has just published a piece about a small town in Washington named Leavenworth, which is oh-so-Bavarian, even more Bavarian than the Bavaria we natives know about. It’s a small world indeed. Check out Kare’s Blog and have a look at the great pictures she took from a short holiday break in Bavarian style, especially at the pic with the Brezn which comes – believe it not not – with a kind of „cheese sauce“ – served at a place called MUNCHEN HOUSE! Who would want to visit Munich having this stuff right around the corner;-) Dear Kare, if you should ever visit Sacre e Profane please check out the Obatzn recipes, which we in „good old Europe, Bavaria, Munich“ do serve with the pretzels. And everybody else check out Kare’s blog The Hazel Bloom – boy, she can write!

"Indian" Summer in Bavaria - raspberries included!

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  1. Kare sagt:

    Wow, thank you *so* much for the wonderfully kind words. I can’t wait to poke around Sacre e Profane, though there may be some babelfishing involved!

  2. Thank you! I gladly provide you with some translations:-)

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